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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Limerick of the Week: Owen v. Cohen

71020split Owen v. Cohen is a highly Limerick-worthy case.  First off, since it is about a failed partnership to operate a bowling alley, it, along with Escott v. BarChris, is part of my business associations course's running bowling theme.  Second, the names of the parties rhyme (although it would be too cheap and easy to use them both as end-rhymes).  Finally, because there is a Cohen involved, this case provides the basis for the course's inaugural Borscht Belt Limerick. 

Why Owen wanted to be Cohen's partner is a mystery beyond my comprehension.  His reasons for fronting the business a loan are even more elusive.  According to the opinion, Cohen refused to do any work ("I haven't worked in 47 years, and I don't intend to start now"), offered to sell his interest in the business back to Owen at an extortionate rate ("It would cost you plenty to get rid of me"), attempted to set up a gambling room on the business's premises, and embezzled money from the business.  In any case, within months, Owen wanted out, and the court ordered a dissolution.

Owen v. Cohen

Owen furnished the loan,
And did all the work on his own.
The court could not knit
This 7-10 split:
Oy vey!  That meshuggene Cohen!*

*Because I teach at a Lutheran University, I provide my students the following translation of the last line:

Good grief, that Cohen fellow is irksome!

[Jeremy Telman]

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