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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Weekly Law School Rankings

Aa_4 In the world of law school rankings, somebody's lemon is always somebody else's lemonade.  USC's Gould School of Law took a tumble, which means that for the first time in just about forever Cal-Berkeley has a higher-rated law school than does Southern Cal.  Gould's drop was good news for the Paul M. Hebert Law Center at Louisiana State, which is now number one and is making Chancellor Jack Weiss (left) look pretty happy.

Three schools join the Top 20, while the folks at Missouri-Columbia have their highest ranking (10) since the invention of the Gregorian calendar.  All rankings based on ContractsProf's proprietary secret but very exact ratings methodology.  Last week's rank in parentheses.

1 (2) LSU (Hebert)
2 (3) Cal-Berkeley (Boalt)
3 (4) Ohio State (Moritz)
4 (6) Boston College
5 (9) Oklahoma
6 (1) Southern California (Gould)
7 (11) West Virginia
8 (12) Oregon
9 (13) South Carolina
10 (15) Missouri-Columbia
11 (17) Arizona State (O’Connor)
12 (8) Florida (Levin)
13 (14) Hawai'i (Richardson)
14 (18) Cincinnati
15 (5) Wisconsin
16 (7) Kentucky
17 (-) Illinois
18 (-) Kansas
19 (-) Florida State
20 (16) Texas

Dropped out of Top 20:  Georgia, Nebraska, Miami

[Frank Snyder]

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