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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Aaa_16Dear Readers:

Have you ever noticed how Con Law and Litigation types sometimes think you really can get something for nothing?  Business law folks know better.

This blog, for example, exists without any financial support from the AALS Section on Contracts, which is a good thing, since the entire Section budget -- the pittance we get from our beloved Mother Ship -- wouldn't keep David Snyder and me in alcoholic beverages for a  month.  And most of that the Section has to spend renting A/V equipment for the Annual Program, anyway.

Lexis/Nexis has been a generous sponsor.  All the money we've received (and will receive) goes to pay for this blog and to support the International Contracts Conference series.  It's now time for the Blog Network's sponsorship contract renewal, and you all know what that means.  If we want more money for better programs, WE NEED TO CONVINCE SPONSORS THAT THEY SHOULD GIVE US LOTS MORE MONEY!

How can YOU help?  Simply take a minute -- really, it doesn't take any longer than that -- and click on the "Take Our Reader Survey" link above.  The survey asks for no personal information beyond your job (law professor, judge, lawyer, law student, etc.) and the state you live in.  Be sure to mark that you're HIGHLY SATISFIED with the content here.  This isn't the time for constructive criticism.

Thanks!  Best regards,

Frank Snyder
Editor & Chief Fund-Raiser

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