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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

UCLA, Cornell top new university rankings

Via our colleagues at TaxProf Blog, the Washington Monthly has released its ratings of the top universities in America, based not on prestige or faculty quality or student credentials, but upon their impact on society as a whole.  The rankings cover research, but also include fostering public service and social mobility.

Top 10 public universities with law schools:
1.  UCLA
2.  UC-Berkeley
3.  Penn State
4.  UC-San Diego
5.  Michigan
6.  Wisconsin
7.  Illinois
8.  U of Washington
9.  Virginia
10. Texas

Top 10 private universities with law schools:
1.  Cornell
2.  Stanford
3.  Penn
4.  Yale
5.  Harvard
6.  Northwestern
7.  Southern California
8.  Chicago
9.  Duke
10. Case Western

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