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Friday, June 24, 2005

In the news

The dispute between two British periodicals over the rights to photos of the Catherine Zeta-Jones/Michael Douglas wedding looks like it's heading to the House of Lords.

Leaders of the Screen Actors Guild say they'll take the question of a new contract with the game industry to the full national board, after the group's executive committee vetoed the deal.

A woman who didn't kick in her $10 in a lottery pool in advance will still get her $1 million share of the winnings, after a New Jersey appeals court held that as a long-time participant in the pool she had a contractual right to the winnings.

United Parcel Service pilots are demanding a "last, best and final offer" from the firm and may ask to be released from the current mediation process to prepare for a strike.

Two top soccer associations in India are pushing wider use of standard contracts for professional players, both to protect the players and to clear up the confusion that results from teams having non-standard arrangements.

The real character portrayed in the remake of the allegedly fact-based film The Amityville Horror is suing the producers for breach of contract and defamation, saying that he did not, in fact, attack his son with an ax, build coffins for his children, or try to drown his wife, as he does in the film.

Puerto Rico's largest ice cream distributorship is suing Nestlé, claiming that the Swiss food giant engaged in improper practices to lower the price it was to pay for acquiring the smaller firm.

Motorola has won a contract to provide a new 3G telecom system in Taiwain, details of which aren't disclosed.

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