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Thursday, December 30, 2004

What's in a Number?

Ohalete_1Ifeanyi Ohalete (pictured left), now with the Arizona Cardinals football team but formerly with the Washington Redskins, has filed a breach of contract action in Maryland District Court, claiming that former teammate Clinton Portis (pictured below) owes him $20,000 of $40,000 promised by Portis to purchase jersey No. 26 from Ohalete.  Portis wore No. 26 in two seasons with the Denver Broncos and wanted to retain it when traded to Washington.  He paid $20,000 up Portis_2front to Ohalete but failed to make two promised payments of $10,000 during the season, according to the complaint.  Ohalete switched to No. 30 after making the deal, but was cut by Washington during training camp in August.  He's now starting free safety for Arizona, where he wears jersey No. 25.  Ohalete, through his agent, said the dispute was "about honesty and principle."   And maybe about the $20,000.

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