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Friday, December 31, 2004

Fashion firm sues designer over license deal

Ozwald_boateng Trendy London designer and Savile Row tailor Ozwald Boateng—whose work is hip enough to be used in James Bond films—has been sued for breach of contract by the Marchpole fashion group.

Marchpole distributes a line of expensive Boateng designs ("Diffusion") under license from the designer.  Boateng (left) had a previous deal with Debenhams for a cheaper menswear line called "O-Z."  Marchpole says that the Debenhams deal was supposed to run out before its own started.  But it claims that Boateng and Debenhams are still selling the cheaper stuff in competition with its own line, costing its sales.  Marchpole is enthusiastic about Boateng, it says—it just doesn’t want unfair competition.

While we're on the subject, today’s fashion tip from Ozwald: "A change of cufflinks can be used to easily change your look and say something different about your personality."

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