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Monday, November 29, 2004

Today in history—November 29

1484: Tomás de Torquemada, first Inquisitor General of Spain, convenes an assembly of inquisitors to present the statute governing their activities.

Rupert 1682: Prince Rupert (left), the "foreign prince" of Paradine v. Jane, dies at London.

1780: Maria Theresa, the great Habsburg empress who created the first supreme court for the Empire, dies from a cold caught while hunting in the rain.

1781: The famed Jesuit law school at the University of Innsbruck is closed when the university is suppressed by Emperor Joseph II.

1868: Pierre-Antoine Berryer, the eminent French advocate avocat, dies at Augerville. Berryer was so gifted as an advocate that he lectured on eloquence at the Société des Bonnes Etudes and famous actors studied his style. His secret? "The ex tempore speaker has repeated the same thing to himself twenty or a hundred times."

1870: Compulsory education is announced in the United Kingdom.

1933: The Pennsyvania state government begins its liquor monopoly, opening the first state liquor stores. People in Philadelphia can drive to Delaware or Jersey, but those in Pittsburgh are stuck.

1942: The U.S. government for some reason decides to ration coffee, although there is no shortage. A black market immediately develops, and rationing is halted in 1943.

1948: The first Australian car is produced, the Holden FX. Holden is still going strong.

1962: In one of the great pieces of Anglo-French commercial cooperation, the two countries agree to jointly develop and deploy the Concorde supersonic airliner.

1973: Reeling Chrysler Corp. announces plans to halt production at seven plants and lay off as many as 38,000 workers.

1975: Baseball free agency is heating up, as outfielder Reggie Jackson signs with George Steinbrenner’s New York Yankees.

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