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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

God, contracts, and Squeaky Fromme in an Ohio trailer park

Trailer_park A routine eviction notice and the pilfering of a 50-cent newspaper have escalated into vandalism, threats of terrorism, and a $250,000 breach of contract action at the Orchard Estates mobile home park in Ravenna, Ohio.

The case, detailed in a column in the Akron Beacon Journal, revolves around park resident "Miss Tia" (née Tia Marie Kavadas), who flies pirate flags, posts pro-PLO signs on her home, and works for the release of would-be assassin Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme.  On the other side is the Orchard Estates park’s operator, the Rev. Myrna Apel-Brueggeman, who has started four religious organizations in the area (one of them to teach holistic healing) and is well-known for conducting marriages on pontoon boats.

Tia’s lawyer, George Cochran, is the founder of a group called Mobile Justice, and says "God has called (him) to slay the Goliaths facing Ohio's mobile home residents." He says that trailer park residents are "‘hidden people’ without a voice . . . a secret counter-culture who are captives in a foreign land."

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