Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Daily Read: On Hugo Chavez

The United States edition of Rory Carroll's Comandante: Hugo Chavez's Venezuela will be released March 7 and it makes timely reading as Americans struggle to understand the legacy of Chavez including Venezuelan constitutional law.  (Interestingly, the South African edition is subtitled  "Inside the Revolutionary Court of Hugo Chavez.")


Carroll is a reporter for The Guardian and the reviews of the British edition stress the fine reporting and indicate this is a book worth reading.  For example, in Literary Review: "Rory Carroll has written a well-considered and painfully fair epitaph for the Ch├ívez regime" and in The Independent: "Rory Carroll is well positioned to provide a verdict. In good reporter fashion, he diligently tracks down his sources, turning up a colourful cast of red-shirted Chavista loyalists, bitter political opponents, and the everyday Venezuelans in between."  


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