Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Cambridge Unveils Global Constitutionalism

Cambridge University Press released its inaugural issue of Global Constitutionalism, or GlobCon, the new interdisciplinary journal addressing global issues at the intersection of law and politics.  The inaugural issue is available free on-line here


Here's a list of articles, with links to abstracts (which link to full texts):

Antje Wiener, Anthony F. Lang, Jr., James Tully, Miguel Poiares Madura, and Mattias Kumm, Global Constitutionalism: Human Rights, Democracy, and the Rule of Law

Peer Zumbansen, Comparative, Global, and Transnational Constitutionalism: The Emergence of a Transnational Legal-Pluralist Order

Alec Stone Sweet, A Cosmopolitan Legal Order: Constitutional Pluralism and Rights Adjudication in Europe

Anna Leander, What Do Codes of Conduct Do? Hybrid Constitutionalization and Militarization in Military Markets

Jonathan Havercroft, Was Westphalia "All That"? Hobbes, Bellarmine, and the Norm of Non-Intervention

Richard Bellamy, The Liberty of the Moderns: Market Freedom and Democracy Within the EU

Andrew Arato, Conventions, Constitutent Assemblies, and Round Tables: Models, Principle and Elements of Democratic Constitution-Making



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