Sunday, June 26, 2011

More from Wisconsin Supreme Court: Justice Prosser and Civility

There may be the possibility of more ethics investigations forthcoming regarding reported incidents on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. 

6a00d8341bfae553ef014e6071f9d5970c-pi Justice David Prosser won a very close election this Spring, during which a campaign issue was his judicial temperament. As we discussed here, Prosser reportedly called one of his fellow justices, Shirley Abrahamson, a sexist slur.  In an interview with FoxNews, Prosser admited regret engaging in the name-calling, but says it was not all his fault and there was "some provocation."  

Now, the "altercation" is with a different woman Justice, Ann Walsh Bradley. There are accustations of a "chokehold" administered by Justice Prosser.  reports from the NYT, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, and Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism discuss the incidents.

The Wisconsin Supreme Court in an opinion earlier this month reversed a judge's decision enjoining the enforcement of Wisconsin's bitterly controversial law curtailing public employee collective bargaining.  Justice Prosser wrote separately, joining the majority.  Three Justices dissented, including Justices Abrahamson and Bradley.


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So much for truth seeking. Not that either story is more credible than the other, but maybe if your updating were a little less one-sided...

Posted by: aaron | Jun 26, 2011 7:36:24 PM


Posted by: RR | Jun 27, 2011 5:07:49 PM

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