Saturday, June 18, 2011

Justice Thomas' Ethics

A NYT report highlights Justice Thomas' ethical stance regarding the Pin Point, Georgia museum.

As we previously discussed, Supreme Court Justices are not bound by the usual code of conduct for federal judges, although Congress presumably has power to declare otherwise.

ClarenceThomas And perhaps Congress should act.

In addition to the problems with the Pin Point Museum funded by a private donor which discusses Justice Thomas while not exactly honoring him, and the various reports regarding Thomas' wife, the NYT reports this:

Justice Thomas’s gift acceptances drew attention in 2004, when The Los Angeles Times reported that he had accumulated gifts totaling $42,200 in the previous six years — far more than any of the other justices.  Since 2004, Justice Thomas has never reported another gift. He has continued to disclose travel costs paid by schools and organizations he has visited for speeches and teaching, but he has not reported that any travel was provided by Mr. Crow [the funder of the Pin Point musuem].

Travel records for Mr. Crow’s planes and yacht, however, suggest that Justice Thomas may have used them in recent years.

The NYT article is worth reading in full.

(h/t Atiba Ellis).

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Impeach Justice Thomas now!

Posted by: Hawthorne Wingo | Jun 20, 2011 7:41:56 PM

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