Friday, July 30, 2010

The Individual Health Care Mandate and Enumerated Powers at SEALS

The Southeastern Association of Law Schools, or SEALS, a regional organization that also includes affiliate schools from around the country, kicked off its annual conference on Friday.  The program includes a number of constitutional law panels, perhaps most notably this one on the last day, Thursday, August 5:

The Individual Health Care Mandate and Enumerated Powers, sponsored by the Federalist Society

Shortly after the health care reform bill was signed into law, the attorneys general of 20 states filed lawsuits challenging the individual mandate as exceeding Congress's powers.  This panel will consider the mandate's constitutionality, as well as procedural issues presented by the litigation.

Speakers:  Professor Randy Barnett, Georgetown; Mr. David Kopel, Research Director, Independence Institute; Professor Gilliam Metzger, Columbia; Professor Jack Balkin, Yale

For a preview, check out one of Balkin's latest posts on the topic at Balkinization and Barnett's interview last weekend in the Wall Street Journal.

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If the mandate is ruled unconstitutional, perhaps other parts of the reform bill should also be ruled the same. Maybe it's best just to start all over.

Posted by: Indiana Health | Jul 31, 2010 11:42:54 AM

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