Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Arizona Immigration in Federal Court - - - but not on Television (or You Tube)

Arizona District Judge Susan Bolton, in a brief order, has denied the request of the First Amendment Coalition of Arizona to "permit camera coverage and rebroadcast of the preliminary injunction and motion to dismiss hearings" scheduled for tomorrow, July 22.  Gregory Peck image Kill Mockingbird

Judge Bolton notes that while there is a Ninth Circuit pilot project, the District of Arizona has not yet taken part in that "experiment" and that decisions will be made by the Chief Judge of the District in consultation with the Chief Judge of the Ninth Circuit.

Recall that the Proposition 8 trial was similarly not allowed to be visually recorded, with the United States Supreme Court staying an order to broadcast the trial by a 5-4 decision.  Perhaps the "Arizona Immigration Trial" will also be treated to a re-enactment as was the Proposition 8 trial.  And perhaps there will be an opinion in the Arizona Immigration Trial (at least on the preliminary injunction) more speedily than in the Proposition 8 case, in which a decision is still pending.


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