Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wash U. Colloquium on Equal Justice

Washington University Law School is hosting its 10th Annual Access to Equal Justice Colloquium on Friday, March 19.  The Colloquium, "Challenging Structural Impediments to Substantive Justice," will dedicate its morning session to a keynote by Professor Martin Guggenheim (NYU) titled Exploring the Right to Counsel: Separation of Powers and Fact-Finding Capture and to an exploration of "a new theory for right to counsel in a variety of civil matters," or Civil Gideon.


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Yes, I found it curious in my civil case (Constitutional Law) that I had in poverty no right to counsel and none would be provided to me.
Where a CRIMINAL, in poverty has a right to council which will be provided.
I found my ‘RIGHTS’ on line current ‘law’ which the Federal and US Supreme Courts ignored.
I presume because criminal cases must be prosecuted where civil rights need not be.
I requested in my litigation that the Courts explain why my rights by current law were not available in my case, but no explanation was given

Posted by: carol budro | Mar 23, 2010 5:17:11 AM

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