Friday, December 25, 2009

"Pay Czar" Debate

ConLawProf's Steven Schwinn (pictured below) is participating in an online debate/discussion with Michael W. McConnell and Martin Flaherty as part of one of the Federalist Society online debates.


 Steve Schwinn has this to say in his opening comments:

Let me start with a few comments about the unfortunate label "czar."  These "czar" positions have proliferated in recent administrations and, as we know, have drawn heavy criticism most recently in the Obama administration.  While some of these positions raise serious separation-of-powers and Appointments Clause issues, many, even most, do not.  Importantly—and thankfully—their constitutionality does not turn on their label alone.  Instead, it turns on their functions, their duties, and their processes of appointment.

The debate continues and is ongoing here.


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