Sunday, October 18, 2009

U. Akron Law Celebrates Fourteenth Amendment's 140th

The University of Akron and The Akron Law Review put together an impressive and diverse group of scholars last year to celebrate the 140th anniversary of the Fourteenth Amendment.  A good number of the papers touch on incorporation and the Privileges or Immunities and the Due Process Clauses--issues before the Court this term in McDonald v. City of Chicago, the Second Amendment case out of the Seventh Circuit.  See also here, here, herehere, and here.

The Akron Law Review web-site doesn't yet link to the articles in the volume, so I tracked down those I could on SSRN.  All of the authors have written other works on the Fourteenth Amendment--in some cases extensively--so I've linked their SSRN pages (on their names), as well.

Elizabeth A. Reilly, Infinite Hope Introduction to the Symposium: The 140th Anniversary of the Fourteenth Amendment

Richard L. Aynes, The 39th Congress (1865-1867) and the 14th Amendment: Some Preliminary Perspectives

Elizabeth A. Reilly, The Union as it Wasn't and the Constitution as it Isn't: Section Five and Altering the Balance of Powers

David Skillen Bogen, Rebuilding the Slaughter-House: The Cases' Support for Civil Rights

James W. Fox, Fourteenth Amendment Citizenship and the Reconstruction-Era Black Public Sphere


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