Friday, May 8, 2009

Obama's Constitutional Law Exam and Feedback

Interested in a Constitutional Law III examination and feedback from 1996?   What about if the Professor was the now-President Barak Obama?

The first question on the exam involves a lesbian seeking to obtain IVF despite a law that the "state legislature passed a law last year, titled the “Preservation of Family Values Act” (PFVA), that, inter alia, prohibits any doctor or health care professional, whether in private practice or employed by the state, from providing infertility services to any unmarried person within the State of Wazoo."  The question asks students to address both equal protection and substantive due process claims.

The second question involves an African-American mayor considering two affirmative action policies - one regarding city contracts and the other involving  the hiring of firefighters and the civil service examination.   This question specifically asks students to argue both sides, provide a considered conclusion, and to "feel free to present to the Mayor any broader policy issues or theories of racial justice that are raised by his plan and/or the referendum."


The full exam is here.  The feedback, here, is twelve pages and in the form of a discussion rather than a checklist or model answer.   It was an open book examination and students had six hours, although as the instructions assert: "The exam is designed, however, to be completed in approximately three hours. Feel free to use the extra three hours as you wish (anxiously flipping through the casebook for that one last citation, or heading over to the gym for a good workout - your choice)."

Thanks to Alana Chazan, class of 2009 CUNY School of Law, for these documents, which are from the NYT blog from July 2008 here, along with other exams and syllabi and comments from conlawprofs.  And yes, it did make me look for the exam I gave and the feedback from 1996, although I am about to admit defeat unless I can find a floppy disk reader!


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