Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Fresh Start for a New Administration

The ACS hosted a panel discussion and released a package of proposals for a new administration to reform everything from DOJ civil rights enforcement to legal advice for the president to government secrecy.

Here are some highlights:

Janet Reno and Geoffrey M. Klineberg, What Would Jackson Do? Some Old Advice for the New Attorney General

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, Restoring the Civil Rights Division

Dawn E. Johnson, All the President's Lawyers: How to Avoid Another "Torture Opinion" Debacle

Devon Chaffee, Rehabilitating the U.S. Ban on Torture: A Call for Transparent Treatment Policy

Amanda Frost and Justin Florence, Reforming the State Secrets Privilege

Geoffrey R. Stone, On Secrecy and Transparency: Thoughts for Congress and a New Administration

David C. Vladeck, The Emerging Threat of Regulatory Preemption

These are all excellent complements to classes and casebook readings in these areas.


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