Thursday, August 3, 2017

Call for Comparative Law Syllabi

For all of you who have taught Comparative Law, if you would be willing to share your syllabus, I'd be most grateful! I'm slated to teach the course this fall and have elected to use the Glendon et al. casebook, but I'm not entirely satisfied with the coverage. In particular, I've taught Japanese Law in the past and have found it greatly beneficial to my students the discussions the course raised about cultural attitudes toward the rule of law, socio-cultural and religious influences on the law's treatment of minorities, women, family law, separation between church and state, and so on. I don't know that these subjects have been covered in as much depth in the Comparative Law casebooks currently available, so I would welcome all suggestions!!!

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Not exactly on topic, but at the law stack exchange site, we get a health share of comparative law questions that people are, for the most part, facing in real life and need help with. Skimming through relevant questions might help inform you about the kinds of topics that ought to be included in curricula from a demand side of the question as opposed to a supply side (i.e. based upon what the professor already knows). Some hot issues have included trespass law related to open lands in German and Scandinavia, Internet and privacy related law, law on many topics (often bureaucratic in flavor) in India, and questions about choice of law in international employment and independent contractor arrangements re taxes, pensions, and other matters.

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