Thursday, June 19, 2014

International Legal Ethics Conference VI - London July 10-12

Readers may be interested in what promises to be a fascinating conference taking place in London on July 10-12, the sixth biannual International Legal Ethics Conference VI.  Here is the description from the website:

Legal professions around the world are operating in a period of rapid economic, social and technological change. Consumerism, the decline of self-regulation, the intensification of globalisation and the growth of international legal practice, call into question the traditional role of legal professions in society. They also challenge the manifestation of legal professionalism in the organisation, culture and regulation of lawyers. Regulators are reconsidering their functions and approaches in relation to legal education, as seen in the US's ABA Task Force Report and the UK's LETR Report.

The sixth bi-annual conference of the International Legal Ethics Association takes place at a critical time in the evolution of legal ethics. The conference is built around short, paper presentations organised in streamsThe streams are:

1. Culture, Technology, Ethics and Society
2. Empirical Approaches to Legal Ethics
3. Philosophy and Legal Ethics
4. Regulation of the Profession(s)
5. Ethics and Legal Education.

The conference is hosted by The City Law School.

 This conference has attracted a fabulously impressive list of panelists, many of whom are leaders in the US ethics field.  It promises to be a must for comparative ethicists and US ethics professionals.

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