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2024 CLEA Awards for Outstanding Clinical and Externship Students: Ohio State's Lexi Breitenstine and Heather Van Hull

Each year, the Clinical Legal Education Association invites law schools to nominate students as their Outstanding Clinic Student or Team and Outstanding Externship student. This series includes submissions from law schools celebrating their outstanding students. 

 From Ohio State University Mortiz College of Law:

Outstanding Clinic Student: Heather Van Hull

Heather has been an outstanding clinic student all year long [in the Entrepreneurial Business Law Clinic]. From early on, it was apparent that she is deeply motivated by a desire to serve others. She has an impressive capacity to take on new projects and quickly and competently see them through to completion. She never balks at the scope of a project; rather, she is always eager to improve and build upon her legal skills in order to increase her impact and reach. It was a delight to work with her and Andreana as a team, and I have no doubts that she will thrive in practice.

Outstanding Externship Student: Lexi Breitenstine

 Excellence in Field Work: Lexi has participated in two externships at Moritz, one with Nationwide Children’s Hospital – Legal Services and one with the Office of the Ohio Solicitor General. Her fieldwork evaluations have been outstanding, with Lexi “exceeding” or “far exceeding” every evaluation category. Lexi’s site supervisors have described Lexi as thorough, thoughtful, helpful, enthusiastic, professional, and a hard worker. Both sites also noted how Lexi was a true team player—always going above and beyond to help whenever and however she could. Excellence in Course Work: Lexi’s commitment to personal and professional growth was also evident through her coursework. Lexi’s reflections were well-written and introspective, and she was always present and engaged during conferences with program faculty. Gratitude, growth, and grace were common themes often woven throughout Lexi’s assignments and conversations—themes she practiced daily at her externship sites and in the classroom. Finally, Lexi's confidence in her abilities grew substantially during her externships, which was a pleasure to witness.

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