Thursday, June 2, 2022

CLEA Outstanding Student Award: St. Mary's Sarah J. Garcia and Michael C. Perez

CLEA Outstanding Clinical Student or Team Award: Sarah J. Garcia and Michael C. Perez in St. Mary's Law Clinic

The Law Clinic at St. Mary’s University School of Law nominates Sarah J. Garcia and Michael C. Perez for the CLEA student/team award.  Ms. Garcia and Mr. Perez, both graduating in May 2022, worked seamlessly together to advocate for a client under threat of eviction.  The client had a complex case because she purchased a home with a seller-financed installment contract, but was threatened with eviction like a tenant.  Ms. Garcia and Mr. Perez immediately compiled research memos on both the legal issues and the factual disputes, and created a case strategy together.  They contacted the nervous client almost daily to give her updates and offer reassurance.  After considering their legal brief, the judge ruled for the client and awarded attorney’s fees to the clinic.  As individual students, Ms. Garcia and Mr. Perez represented eviction clients in court, and responded to several cases from our Housing Hotline.  In both their individual and joint projects, Ms. Garcia and Mr. Perez diligently prepared for hearings, responded promptly to clients, and provided excellent representation in court.

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