Saturday, May 28, 2022

CLEA Outstanding Student Award: UVA's Katie Kramer

CLEA Outstanding Clinical Student Award: Katie Kramer in the University of Virginia's Health and Disability Law Clinic. 

Katie Kramer is the kind of law student who makes her supervisors into better lawyers. To every assignment and case, Katie brings a remarkable attention to detail, deep curiosity about the law, and ferocious intelligence, resulting in outstanding advocacy on behalf of clients. Katie also brings a humanity and humility to her work, which allows her to build trust with clients and coworkers alike. It is therefore with the utmost enthusiasm that we nominate Katie Kramer for the CLEA Outstanding Clinical Student Award. Throughout her year as a student in the University of Virginia’s Health & Disability Law Clinic, Katie provided direct representation to more than five individual clients on legal matters ranging from Medicaid appeals to medical debt relief to social security overpayment appeals. She also performed critical legal research and prepared memoranda on complex advocacy campaigns to redress national origin discrimination in Medicaid enrollment processes, enforce due process protections for individuals facing unlawful nursing home discharges, and improve medical debt billing and collections practices for low-income patients. Katie performed each assignment superbly. She is the kind of student who makes our job so much easier and so much more enjoyable, and who elevates the work of others by modeling such impressive diligence, curiosity, and compassion. Likewise, Katie has elevated our own work. She has reminded us of the importance of knowing an issue inside and out, of paying unflinching attention to detail, and of casting aside your own assumptions about an issue. On this basis, the UVA clinic faculty voted for Katie to receive this award.

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