Friday, May 27, 2022

CLEA Outstanding Student Award: UIC's Jacqueline Romo

CLEA Outstanding Clinical Student or Team Award: Jacqueline Romo in the University of Illinois Chicago School of Law's Community Enterprise & Solidarity Economy Clinic: 

Jackie was a student in the Community Enterprise & Solidarity Economy Clinic in spring 2022. The clinic's work is centered around direct transactional representation of community-based business clients and non-profit organizations. Jackie consistently went above and beyond for her clients and exemplified the best of client-centered lawyering with a strong ability to solve complex issues. She excelled at client communication and leveraged her experiences and emotional intelligence to advance her clients’ goals. She often would identify creative (outside of the box) solutions and consistently collaborate with clients improve outcomes and clinic work product, effectively counseling clients on complex legal issues. Jackie was also a wonderful collaborator with her classmates and clinic partner. Throughout the semester, her seminar contributions raised important points and benefited her classmates, often pointing out the systems that underlie society and legal processes. She exhibited excellent communication skills and was highly dedicated to her client work. She was able to juggle the demands of law school, her work in the clinic, extracurricular activities, and her personal and family obligations. In sum, Jackie exemplified the qualities that a future attorney should possess through her clinic work by prioritizing clients’ needs, adapting to new client information, creative lawyering, and excellent collaboration.

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