Wednesday, May 25, 2022

CLEA Outstanding Student Award: Chapman Fowler's Jocelyn Perez and Jordan Law

CLEA Outstanding Clinical Student Award: The Fowler School of Law CLEA Outstanding Clinical Student is Jocelyn Perez:

Jocelyn Perez stood out in the Spring 2021 Family Protection Clinic for her work ethic, her dedication to children and families, and her legal analysis and skills. She raised the professionalism of each team, and she collaborated exceptionally well with clients, other students, faculty, and other professionals. She consistently exceeded deadline expectations, and her memoranda were on-point, well-written, and thorough. She took responsibility and initiative on cases and just as admirably, consulted with faculty as circumstances necessitated. Ms. Perez quickly grasped the concepts of case theory and case planning, allowing her to very effectively provide legal advice to clients. She was clear in her explanations, and she engaged in trauma-informed client-interaction techniques – always resulting in the client feeling heard and respected. One of her clients, in particular, emailed faculty multiple times after the hearing concluded to express her appreciation for Ms. Perez’ legal advice and assistance. Ms. Perez was the ideal clinic student. She began the course with impressive experience, integrated that which she learned in class, and put out a product that incorporated both effectively.


CLEA Outstanding Externship Student Award: The FSOL CLEA Outstanding Externship Student is Jordan Law:

Last semester Jordan Law worked at the U.S. International Fund for Animal Welfare. She has previously worked at the Public Law Center and the Inclusive Education Project. She is dedicated to working in public interest law and is very interested in Animal Welfare work in particular. Her work for the U.S. International Fund for Animal Welfare has included drafting a detailed and well-researched persuasive memorandum to the Lead Biologist responsible for Arkansas Game and Fish Regulation. She also participated in a meeting with a U.S. Senator's staff member who was somewhat dismissive of Jordan's supervising attorney and the issues they discussed. Jordan used this experience as a learning opportunity.

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