Wednesday, June 9, 2021

University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law’s CLEA Outstanding Team Award

Via Prof. Michael Pinard on the recipients of the CLEA Outstanding Team Award from the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law: 

Affectionately referred to as “Team Housing” during their time in the Public Health Law Clinic, Delaney Anderson, Kyle Kerega, and Mollie Soloway worked individually and together on a number of projects related to housing instability, eviction, and homelessness prevention—critical issues in the best of times; far beyond critical during the pandemic. They monitored housing-related legislation introduced before the Maryland General Assembly, Baltimore City Council, and Prince George’s County Council, updated and reported on legislation status in weekly legislative briefing calls, and testified before the Maryland General Assembly on bills related to right to counsel in landlord-tenant matters and sealing of eviction records. Kyle also teamed with the Mediation Clinic to testify on a bill that would have created a statewide eviction diversion program. Delaney testified before the Baltimore City Council on a homelessness prevention bill.

Delaney, Kyle, and Mollie also presented a webinar for the Network for Public Health Law. The webinar, entitled Housing Matters: Legal and Policy Approaches to Preventing Housing Instability, had more than 260 attendees and was very well received. Staff from the Network’s National Office and two law professors from other institutions reached out to praise their research, poise, and command of the subject matter. Following their presentation, Delaney, Kyle, and Mollie developed five separate fact sheets based on their webinar, which have been published on the Network’s website: 1. Housing Instability as a Social Determinant of Health, 2. Deterring Serial Evictions, 3. Eviction Diversion and Prevention Programs, 4. The Right to Counsel in Landlord-Tenant Matters, and 5. Limiting Public Access to Eviction Records, as well as a Law & Policy Pathways document that outlines these law and policy approaches in a user-friendly graphic format.

In addition, Delaney, Kyle, and Mollie participated in the Eviction Prevention Project Zoom Clinics, providing advice to clients with landlord-tenant issues through a partnership with Prince George’s County Community Schools. Each, working with social work students, embraced the opportunity to improve the housing situation for these families through counseling them about their rights, assisting them to fill out the CDC Moratorium declaration form, and representing them in efforts to improve their housing conditions.

In each aspect of their group work, Delaney, Mollie, and Kyle deferred to teamwork and a willingness to learn from each other in a way that truly benefitted their work product. As one example, they ran their drafts by one another for feedback before submitting to their professors, to ensure their best work product. Their ability to work together so efficiently resulted in an incredibly highly functioning team that has been a pleasure to work with and yielded excellent work product. They epitomized the essence of the CLEA Outstanding Team Award.

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