Thursday, June 10, 2021

Mitchell Hamline recipient of the CLEA Outstanding Clinic Student

Via Prof. Brad Colbert

Each year the Clinical Legal Education Association (CLEA) invites law schools to name outstanding clinical students and externs from their programs. This year Claire Beyer, from the LAMP and Reentry Clinics, received the award from Mitchell Hamline.

Here’s how Professors Geffen and Colbert described Ms. Beyer’s work:

Ms. Beyer has done an excellent job representing several clients in a wide range of cases. She represented several clients in expungement cases where she has been able to expunge her clients criminal records, enabling them to better reenter the community. Through her incredible hard work and diligence, the County has essentially rolled over, agreeing to every single one of our requests. Ms. Beyer also worked in our COVID release clinic where she helped people apply for conditional medical release, literally saving lives. Ms. Beyer has done her share of tilting at windmills, as happens with our clinics, but she has done so with enthusiasm, expertise, and a sense of humor.

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