Friday, September 7, 2018

AALS Clinical Section Mentoring Program

Via Prof. Jodi Balsam:


Dear Clinical/Externship Friends and Colleagues,

Happy new semester!


And the new semester is a great time to consider participating in the Helping Hand Mentoring and Peer-Matching Program offered by the AALS Clinical Section’s Membership, Outreach, & Training Committee (apologies for cross-posting):


The program offers assistance to new faculty who are transitioning to clinical teaching and supports clinicians at any level of professional development who are at a transition point.  Please consider signing up to participate as either a mentor or mentee.  We welcome everyone, even if you’ve participated before.  WE ESPECIALLY NEED MENTORS—if you’ve ever benefited from this program as a mentee, please volunteer as a mentor!  If a mentor is not available, we also offer a peer-match for clinicians who are interested in that resource.  We will seek to make matches according to your preferences including practice area, geographic proximity (if desired), and teaching and scholarship interests. 

Application to Request a Mentor or Peer Match:


Application to Serve as a Mentor:


We hope to continue getting a good response so new clinicians may connect with mentors and enjoy this aspect of our mutually supportive community.  Please forward this to any colleagues who you think might enjoy the mentoring program. 


Please contact us if you need any assistance with the process.  Once you submit your form, a member of the Membership, Outreach, & Training Committee will follow up with additional information regarding your pairing (assuming enough participants have signed up). 


Thank you!


The CLE Section Membership, Outreach, & Training Committee

Jodi Balsam (Brooklyn) Co-chair

Katy Ramsey (Memphis) Co-chair

Kate Elengold (UNC)

Lauren Aronson (Louisiana State)

Sabrina Balgamwalla (North Dakota)

Yael Cannon (New Mexico)

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