Friday, June 24, 2016

Call It a Draw

It is a rare moment in time when the Supreme Court of the United States contains only 8 members, and this week's decisions deserve close attention.  As teachers and mentors to future lawyers, we should watch closely and prepare to analyze, discuss and critique with our students whether they return in early Fall or tomorrow morning.  

Over at The Conversation, my Penn State colleague Liliana Garces is blogging about the Fisher decision on race-conscious admissions policies in higher education:

At Human Rights at Home, Prof. Irene Schart of U.Mass Law discusses the Court's immigration decision:

And at SCOTUSblog, former assistant to the Solicitor General John Elwood explains the mundane but equally important "relist list" of cases, and those the Court announced this week it will remand, grant petitions in, or vacate judgments in:

Clinical law teaching may not often involve appellate practice, but lessons from the Court abound if we dig deeper than the outraged or relieved headlines.  Lessons on civil procedure, legal writing, and even practice management can be gleaned from the Court's decisions.  The Court is no longer in session, but the lessons remain.

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