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Seeking Nominations: 2016 William Pincus Award for Outstanding Service and Commitment to Clinical Legal Education

Via Prof. Jayesh Rathod:

Dear Clinical Colleagues:

 The Awards Committee for the AALS Section on Clinical Legal Education is now accepting nominations for the 2016 William Pincus Award for Outstanding Service and Commitment to Clinical Legal Education. The Award, which the Section presents at the January AALS annual meeting, honors one or more individuals or institutions of clinical legal education for his/her/their/its (1) service, (2) scholarship, (3) program design and implementation, or (4) other activity beneficial to clinical education or to the advancement of justice.  Nominations are due by Wednesday, October 14 at 5:00PM EST.

 Past recipients include:

1981 David Barnhizer (Cleveland State)

1982 Hon. Neil Smith (D. IA)

1983 William Greenhalgh (Georgetown)

1984 Robert McKay

1985 Dean Hill Rivkin (Tenn.)

1986 Tony Amsterdam (NYU)

1987 Gary Bellow (Harvard)

1988 William Pincus

1989 Gary Palm (Chicago)

1990 Bea Moulton (Hastings)

1991 Sue Bryant (CUNY)

1992 Elliott Milstein (American)

1993 Roy Stuckey (S. Carolina)

1994 Harriet Rabb (Columbia)

1995 Clinical Law Review

1996 Wally Mlyniec (Georgetown)

1997 Edgar Cahn (DC School of Law) and Jean Cahn (Antioch, posthumously)

1998 Steve Wizner (Yale)

1999 Katherine Shelton Broderick (U.D.C. School of Law)

2000 E. Clinton Bamberger (U. of Maryland, Emeritus)

2001 Peter A. Joy (Washington U. at St. Louis)

2002 Louise Trubek (Wisconsin) and Bernida Reagan (East Bay Community

          Law Center/Boalt Hall)

2003 Sandy Ogilvy (Catholic)

2004 Randy Hertz (NYU)

2005 J. Michael Norwood (New Mexico)

2006 David Binder (UCLA)

2007 Anthony V. Alfieri (Miami)

2008 John Elson (Northwestern)

2009 Margaret Martin Barry (Catholic)

2010  Robert Dinerstein (American)

2011  Christine Zuni Cruz (New Mexico)

2012  Robert Kuehn (Washington)

2013 Philip G. Schrag (Georgetown)

2014 Jeanne Charn (Harvard)

2015 Ann Shalleck (American)


Nomination Guidelines

To ensure that the Awards Committee has uniformity in what it is considering in support of each candidate, the Committee requests that nominations adhere to the following guidelines:


  1. To nominate someone, send the name of the nominee and a nominating statement setting forth why the Section should honor the individual, specifically referencing the award criteria outlined above where relevant. The Committee strongly encourages nominators to obtain some supporting letters for the candidate, given that its deliberations are assisted immensely by a variety of voices speaking about a particular nominee. Please note that there is a limit on the amount of supporting material that will be considered. Supporting materials for nominations include:


  • nominating statement of no more than five pages in length (required)
  • a copy of the nominee's resume (required)
  • a list of any scholarship, but not copies of the scholarship (required, but do not duplicate this if it is in the nominee’s resume)
  • no more than five letters or e-mails in support (no letter or e-mail should be more than four single-spaced pages long, exclusive of signatures)
  • no more than five pages of any other materials.


The nomination and documentary support must be submitted via e-mail either in Word or pdf files. Any nominators who want to submit supporting materials that they have in hard copy are responsible for converting them into portable document format or scanning them, cleaning the files, and submitting the materials via pdf files attached to e-mail.


  1. Members of the clinical community who have nominated a person or institution previously are encouraged to re-nominate that person or institution for this year’s award. The selection of one nominee over other nominees should not be viewed as a statement against those not selected. A person or institution not selected one year might be selected the next.


  1. The Committee’s deliberations are assisted immensely by a variety of voices speaking about a particular nominee. Nominators are strongly encouraged to seek letters in support of the nominee from colleagues. Such letters may also include letters of support from students whom the candidate has supervised in a clinical setting.


Please send your nominations by e-mail no later than Wednesday, October 14 at 5:00PM EST to with a copy to  


Thank you!


The Nominating Committee of the AALS Section on Clinical Legal Education


Margaret Barry, Vermont Law School, Co-Chair

Mary Lynch, Albany Law School, Co-Chair

Sameer Ashar, UC Irvine School of Law

Dionne Gonder-Stanley, North Carolina Central School of Law

Lisa Martin, Columbia School of Law, Catholic University

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