Sunday, August 2, 2015

Welcome the New 2015-2016 Class of CLP Writers

As we commence our second academic year at the Clinical Law Profs Blog, I am very pleased to welcome a new cohort of writers.   These talented law professors represent a wide array of law schools, regions, programs, practices, experience and interests.   Our goal this year is to increase content from more voices, to build dialog around the blog and its communities, and to contribute more fruitfully to the causes of clinical legal education, justice and good teaching. 

Please welcome our new writers:

Priya Baskaran of Georgetown,

Jennifer Davis-Oliva of Penn State (Dickinson),

Brian Gilmore of Michigan State,

Serge Martinez of New Mexico,

Faith Mullen of Catholic,

Spencer Rand of Temple,

Patty Roberts of William & Mary,

David Santacroce of Michigan,

Alex Scherr of Georgia, and

Shawn Watts of Columbia.


They join these veterans who continue their good work: 

Bryan Adamson of Seattle,

Kelly Behre of UC-Davis,

Warren Binford of Willamette,

Tanya Cooper of Pepperdine,

Meta Copeland of Mississippi College,

Jill Engle of Penn State (University Park),

Carrie Hagan of Indiana (McKinney),

D’lorah Hughes of Wayne State,

Inga Laurent of Gonzaga,

Kelly McTear of Faulkner,

Kelly Browe Olson of UALR,

Brittany Stringfellow Otey of Pepperdine, and

Virgil Wiebe of St. Thomas.


Thank you, readers, for a solid inaugural year.  

Please follow us at the companion Facebook group and on Twitter, @clinicallawprof

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