Tuesday, December 9, 2014

AALS Winter 2014 Newsletter

Today, Prof. Liz Keyes of Baltimore published the AALS Winter 2014 Newsletter on behalf of the AALS Section on Clinical Legal Education.   (In full disclosure, I sit on the Section's communication committee.)   Prof. Keyes, coordinating with this blog's Prof. Tanya Cooper who edits CLEA's newsletter, has overseen a new format for the AALS newsletter.   

The newsletter is organized by themes and topics, not by school, and it includes these new sections:  Committee Reports & Updates, Announcements and Clinical Program News.   Clinical Program News includes updates on schools' experiential requirements, innovations, collaborations, new or expanded clinics, awards, successes and other news.

Download the newsletter here and enjoy:  AALS Winter 2014 Newsletter



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