Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Opportunity at University of Ulster

Ciaran White, Senior Lecturer in Law and Director of the Ulster Law Clinic at the University of Ulster, has asked me to share this opportunity with the clinical community.  The University of Ulster is hiring a permanent Lecturer in Law to be associated with the Ulster Law Clinic at the Jordanstown campus, seven miles north of Belfast (at the base of the South Antrim Hills).  Details can be found here.

 If you have not been to Belfast recently, it is undergoing dynamic transformation as a result of the reconciliation efforts being made by many.  It is now the safest city in the United Kingdom, and has a rich and vibrant culture with strong Irish, Scottish, and English influences.  The complex political and economic history in the region makes the award-winning Ulster Law Clinic ideally situated for those committed to access to justice, especially in peaceful post-conflict settings.  There continue to be socio-economic disadvantages faced by large segments of the population, and there is a concerted effort to create a more just and integrated society. 

 In addition to the engaging setting of this opportunity, the opportunity to collaborate with someone like Ciaran White is exceptional.  I recently had the opportunity to visit with him and his family in Belfast and he is a perfect blend of intelligence, wit, humility, and humor.  His dedication to social justice is inspiring, and greatly needed in the Belfast community as it continues to move toward greater reconciliation and healing.  If you are in the position to consider an opportunity like this, I strongly encourage you to apply. 

 Ciaran can be contacted at ciaran.white@barlibrary.com if you have any questions.


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