Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mark Aaronson: Representing the Poor: Legal Advocacy & Welfare Reform During Reagan's Gubernatorial Years

Prof. Mark Aaronson has just published his e-book, REPRESENTING THE POOR: LEGAL ADVOCACY AND WELFARE REFORM DURING REAGAN'S GUBERNATORIAL YEARS, at Amazon, Nook and other online sites. 

From Mark's announcement: 

The narrative tells the story of how Ralph Abascal and other legal services lawyers in the 1970s countered and stymied Reagan’s regressive welfare reform efforts in California.  Ralph, who died in 1997, was the husband of our esteemed colleague Bea Moulton, one of the founders of contemporary clinical legal education.  Analytically, I focus on ideas about the dynamics of democratic representation and underscore the importance in group legal advocacy of three lawyering process values—accessibility, responsiveness, and practical judgment.  The book includes in an appendix the transcript of an interview with Ronald Reagan, which I conducted in 1975 shortly after the end of his governorship.

 These are links to the book:

Amazon for Kindle

Barnes & Noble for Nook

Google for Google Play

At Smashwords in ePub and Sony ebook formats

At Apple iTunes and iBooks bookstores, direct on iPad and iPhone, available April 29.

On a personal note, I am ever grateful to Mark for his early guidance to me and advocacy for me when I was a rookie clinical professor.   He reviewed my program early at Faulkner University Jones School of Law on an ABA site visit, and he used the moment to encourage, to teach, to advocate and to champion our program.  He made us stronger, and I began to recognize then how valuable and rich is our clinical community.  Without regard to ranking or status, experience or notoriety, he was unfailing generous and wise and modeled for this young professor how to do this work well.   Cheers, Mark, and congratulations on the book.

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