Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Federal Bar Association's April Community Outreach Project

The Federal Bar Association has issued a press release announcing a project for National Community Outreach Project month in April.  The project involves members of the FBA visiting middle school and high school classrooms to teach students about the federal justice system, giving students an opportunity to learn how the legal system works and encouraging students to learn more about various careers in the legal profession. 

Here is the press release: 

Federal Bar Association Makes Impact with National Community Outreach Project –APRIL IS NCOP MONTH

Federal Bar Association Reaches Out to Communities Across the United States

Arlington, VA – The Federal Bar Association announces its third annual National Community Outreach Project, reaching out to youth and other communities coast to coast to open the federal judicial system for the public to see.  In these times when communities, especially youth, have lost confidence in our judicial system, the FBA’s NCOP seeks to instill confidence in the judicial system in middle and high-school students and other communities by bringing them into the courthouses, meeting with lawyers, observing court proceedings, and talking directly to federal judges. 

In recent years, Federal Bar Association chapters participated from coast to coast, spreading the word throughout the country and involving the federal judiciary in districts throughout the nation. This program has made a lasting effect on the communities they serve.

The Federal Bar Association’s mission statement includes a commitment to the communities in which their members serve. With events like tours of the federal courts, viewing federal court proceedings, tours of federal agencies and providing citizens with free legal advice, the Federal Bar Association has reached out in a variety of creative ways to fulfill this commitment.  

Funded by the Foundation of the Federal Bar Association, the NCOP is back this year, even bigger than last year, undoubtedly with an even bigger impact. Through the NCOP, the FBA is making every April the “National Community Outreach” month. The National Community Outreach Project of 2018 will kick off in April. For more information, please visit:

Chapter and sections in multiple districts across the country have agreed to participate in the third annual National Community Outreach Project.

About the Federal Bar Association:

The Association consists of more than 20,000 federal lawyers, including 1,500 federal judges, who work together to promote the sound administration of justice, quality, and independence of the judiciary. Through its multifaceted programs, the FBA advocates on federal issues that impact the practice of federal lawyers and the courts; provides opportunities for scholarship and education to the profession; delivers opportunities for judges and attorneys to professionally and socially interact; and promotes high standards of professional competence and ethical conduct.  The mission of the federal bar association includes serving not just the interests of federal judiciary and the federal practitioner, but also the interests of the community that they serve. 

About the Foundation of the Federal Bar Association:

The Foundation of the Federal Bar Association, chartered by Congress in 1954, provides funding to support community service or outreach projects that involve Federal Bar Association chapter participation. The Foundation provides support for the conduct of research, programs, education relating to the federal courts and federal jurisprudence, the structure and operation of the courts, the independence of the judiciary, federal jurisprudence, and the relevance of the rule of law to society. 


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