Saturday, January 19, 2013

Symposium at Stanford Law School: Lessons from the Chevron Ecuador Litigation

The Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation is having its inaugural symposium on Friday, February 8 at Stanford Law School. From the announcement:

The ongoing litigation between Chevron and the people of Lago Agrio, Ecuador regarding alleged environmental harms dating from Texaco’s oil exploration and extraction in Ecuador now spans three continents and nearly twenty years; and concerns the largest judgment ever awarded in an environmental lawsuit, eighteen billion dollars.  The litigation has been called both “a shakedown,” and “a landmark victory,” yet it continues to be litigated around the world and divide both the bar and the academy.  What are the consequences of this case?  With complex litigation becoming increasingly transnational, what general lessons can be drawn from this case?  These questions are at the heart of SJCL’s inaugural symposium. 

Details and a full list of sessions and speakers at the link below:

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