Thursday, April 12, 2012

Pedagogical Approaches to Civ Pro II

Over at Prawfsblawg, Howard Wasserman has a call for information about content for an advanced civil procedure course.  From the post:

When Civ Pro profs get together to talk shop, conversation inevitably turns to the pedagogical horror of the four-hour basic course (as opposed to the old six or seven hours). A related question is whether to offer a three-hour upper-level elective (whether called "Civ Pro II" or "Advanced Civ Pro" or "Complex Lit" or whatever) to fill-in the gaps and what to include in that class.

So a question for the Civ Pro types: What do/should/would you put in that course? And how would that affect what you include in the basic course. Does it still cover the  basics (Pleading, basic joinder, discovery, summary judgment, PJ, SMJ, Venue, Erie)? Or do you move some stuff around? Does it depend on what sort of enrollment you expect to get?

Anyone with good ideas or information should leave comments on the Prawfs post or email Howard directly ([email protected]).


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