Saturday, September 4, 2010

NYTimes Highlights FL Foreclosure Only Courts

The New York Times has an article entitled High-Speed Courts Offer Answer to Foreclosure.  It is a good teaching tool for those of us looking to highlight current event examples of the relationship of procedure, claims, and remedies.

From the article:

No one disputes that foreclosures dominate Florida’s dockets and that something needs to be done to streamline a complex and emotionally wrenching process. But lawyers representing troubled borrowers contend that many of the retired judges called in from the sidelines to oversee these matters are so focused on cutting the caseload that they are unfairly favoring financial institutions at the expense of homeowners.

Lawyers say judges are simply ignoring problematic or contradictory evidence and awarding the right to foreclose to institutions that have yet to prove they own the properties in question.


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