Thursday, September 16, 2010

Notre Dame Law Review on Shady Grove (the Annual Federal Courts, Practice & Procedure Issue)

Now available on SSRN are drafts of articles that will appear in the Notre Dame Law Review’s annual Federal Courts, Practice and Procedure issue, which is scheduled to publish in February 2011. The topic is Shady Grove Orthopedic Associates v. Allstate Insurance Co., last March’s Supreme Court decision on class actions, the Erie doctrine, and the Rules Enabling Act (covered earlier here). The contributions include:

Joseph P. Bauer, Shedding Light on Shady Grove: Further Reflections on the Erie Doctrine from a Conflicts Perspective

Kevin M. Clermont, The Repressible Myth of Shady Grove

Allan Ides, The Standard for Measuring the Validity of a Federal Rule of Civil Procedure: The Shady Grove Debate between Justices Scalia and Stevens

Richard A. Nagareda, The Litigation-Arbitration Dichotomy Meets the Class Action

Adam N. Steinman, Our Class Action Federalism: Erie and the Rules Enabling Act after Shady Grove

Catherine T. Struve, Institutional Practice, Procedural Uniformity, and As-Applied Challenges under the Rules Enabling Act


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