Saturday, February 27, 2010

AALS 2011 Call for Proposals for Open Source Programming

The AALS has issued the following Call for Proposals for Open Source Programming at the 2011 Annual Meeting:

Open Source sessions at the Annual Meeting are novel ideas for programs proposed by groups of faculty members and selected by a committee in a competitive process. The programs should be innovative and include interactive and out of the ordinary approaches to presenting the topics. AALS is requesting proposals for Open Source programs for the 2011 AALS Annual Meeting in San Francisco, California. 

The goal is to encourage a "bottom up" process in which scholars collaborate to develop fresh and exciting ideas for a program at the Annual Meeting. These are not Section, law school, organization, or institution-sponsored programs. An Open Source Program is one developed by a group of faculty members in various subject matters, who have an original topic that they would like to present at the Annual Meeting. 

When developing the proposal you should consider the following:

  • Is the format innovative?
  • Will the program attract a broad audience?
  • Is there a diversity of presenters and multiplicity of planners?
  • Is there junior and senior teacher involvement?
  • Does the topic cross over common issues and transcend a particular subject area?
  • Would there be a publication coming out of the submission?
  • Will the program format require expensive audio-visual equipment?

To ensure exceptional topics for the Open Source programs, proposals should not feature a program or subject that could be offered by an AALS Section or conflict with other program topics being presented at the 2011 AALS Annual Meeting. Thus, the Open Source Selection Committee will evaluate all proposals in light of AALS Section programs.

For your proposal to be considered, you must provide the following submission requirements:
  • Program title
  • Detailed description and explanation of what the program is trying to accomplish
  • Names of the planners of the program and a description of how the program idea was generated
  • Names of speakers to be invited including their full names and schools with a link to or copy of their vita
  • Presentation format of program
  • Program publishing information: Will the program be published? If so, where would it be published?

Please mail your submissions and required information to [email protected] by April 17, 2010.

[H/T Susan Westerberg Prager]

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