Friday, September 25, 2009

Judicial Conference Approves Proposed FRCP Amendments

Last week, the Judicial Conference of the United States approved proposed amendments to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 8, 26, and 56, and Illustrative Form 52. Also approved were amendments to the Appellate Rules (Rules 1, 4, and 29, and Form 4), Evidence Rule 804, and several Bankruptcy and Criminal Rules. The amendments "will be transmitted to the Supreme Court with a recommendation that they be approved and transmitted to Congress in accordance with the Rules Enabling Act."

In addition, the Judicial Conference approved a set of "Guidelines for Distinguishing Between Matters Appropriate for Standing Orders and Matters Appropriate for Local Rules and for Posting Standing Orders on a Court's Web Site."

More details are available in the September 2009 Report of the Judicial Conference's Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure.

(Hat Tip: Federal Civil Practice Bulletin)


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