Monday, September 21, 2009

Hot off the Presses: Recent Publications of Interest

Following up on Cynthia's post earlier today, the St. Louis University Law Journal has published a symposium entitled Teaching Federal Courts. Here are some of the contributions (with a hat tip to the Current Index of Legal Periodicals):

Richard H. Fallon, Jr., Why and How to Teach Federal Courts Today, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 693 (2009)

Michael J. Gerhardt, Teaching Federal Courts: Federal Judges as Problem Solvers, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 729 (2009)

Roger Goldman, Why Law Students Should Take the Federal Courts Course, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 745 (2009)

Arthur D. Hellman, Another Voice for the “Dialogue”: Federal Courts as a Litigation Course, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 761 (2009)

Evan Tsen Lee, Federal Jurisdiction According to Professor Frankfurter, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 779 (2009)

Laura E. Little, Teaching Federal Courts: From Bottom Line to Mystery, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 797 (2009)

Richard A. Matasar, Teaching Federal Courts Where Outcomes Matter: A Curricular Conjecture, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 807 (2009)

James E. Pfander, Triangulating Standing, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 829 (2009)

Georgene Vairo, Why I Don’t Teach Federal Courts Anymore, but Maybe Am or Will Again, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 843 (2009)

Michael L. Wells, A Litigation-Oriented Approach to Teaching Federal Courts, 53 St. Louis U. L.J. 857 (2009)

Other recent publications that may be of interest to our readers include:

William N. Eskridge, Jr. and John Ferejohn, Constitutional Horticulture: Deliberation-Respecting Judicial Review. 87 Tex. L. Rev. 1273 (2009)

Tom Ginsburg and Zachary Elkins, Ancillary Powers of Constitutional Courts, 87 Tex. L. Rev. 1431 (2009)

Miguel Schor, The Strange Cases of Marbury and Lochner in the Constitutional Imagination, 87 Tex. L. Rev. 1463 (2009)

Aaron Bernay, Finding the Nexus: Measuring Jurisdiction under the First Clause of the Commercial Activity exception to the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, 77 U. Cin. L. Rev. 1581 (2009)


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