Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Worth a Read

In the last 10 days, a couple of opinions have come down that might warrant your attention. 

The 11th Cir., in Grupo Televisa v. Telemundo Comm., discusses the Restatement's "most significant relationship test" and finds that the trial court erred by applying Mexican law rather than Florida law to a tortious interference suit between Mexican and U.S. telenovela producers. 

The 7th Cir., in In re Factor VIII or IX Concentrate Blood Products Litigation, affirmed the trial court's forum non conveniens dismissal of the claims of a group of plaintiffs from the United Kingdom against a group of major drug companies.  The UK plaintiffs alleged that blood transfusions infected them with HIV/AIDS and that the drug companies had failed to properly screen the blood used in the transfusions and had recruited blood donors with a high risk of HIV/AIDS infection.   



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