Thursday, May 3, 2007

$65 Million Pants--UPDATED

Where one ought to begin a CivPro course is one of the recurring topics on this blog.  I've decided to replace my "anatomy of a lawsuit" lecture with $65 million pants.  Many thanks to Greg McNeal who blogs over at AIDP for bringing this lawsuit about some extraordinarily valuable pants (at least according to the plaintiff) to our attention.  I think this lawsuit is a great springboard for introducing a number of topics many of us cover in the first few CivPro classes, such as ADR, remedies, and why some people hate lawyers.  Greg and I are on the hunt for the pleadings in this case.  If you happen to find them first, please send them here so that we can make them available to all.  Enjoy the article, and, again, many thanks to Greg. 


UPDATE:  This morning Good Morning America ran a story on this lawsuit .  You can see it here.  According to GMA, the plaintiff is seeking $67 million, not the $65 million reported here and elsewhere.  Sixty-seven million?  Now we're getting a bit ridiculous.

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You may also be interested in looking for footage of Late Late Show's Craig Ferguson and his choice remarks on the suit.

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