Monday, April 9, 2007

More on E-Discovery

Maybe I'm becoming obsessed with electronic discovery in the wake of my interview with Judge Rosenthal, but we've had quite a lot of positive feedback (most of it from litigators) on the helpfulness of her interview so I thought a follow-up post with additional resources for all those struggling with the new federal rules might be in order.  The Federal Judicial Center gathers lots of helpful information here, including a paper by Kenneth J Withers on the critical cases in the area.  For federal court litigators anxious to get a handle on how judges will approach electronic discovery issues, you can check out a presentation at the National Workshop for U.S. Magistrate Judges and a copy of "Managing Discovery of Electronic Information:  A Pocket Guide for Judges."  For another view, click here for Professor Henry Noyes's article entitled Good Cause is Bad Medicine for the New E-Discovery Rules.


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