Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Blue-on-Black Violence: A Provisional Model of Some of the Causes"

The title of this post comes from this forthcoming paper by Professor Devon Carbado, the abstract of which states:

This Article offers a theoretical model that explains the persistence of what I will call “blue-on-black violence.” Six features comprise the model: (1) A variety of social forces converge to make African-Americans vulnerable to ongoing police surveillance and contact. (2) The frequency of this surveillance and contact exposes African-Americans to the possibility of police violence. (3) Police culture and training encourage that violence (mostly implicitly). (4) When violence occurs, a range of legal actors in the civil and criminal process translate that violence into justifiable force. (5) The doctrine of qualified immunity makes it difficult for plaintiffs to win cases against police officers, and when plaintiffs win such cases, police officers rarely suffer financial consequences because their local government indemnifies them. (6) The conversion of violence into justifiable force, the qualified immunity barrier to suing police officers, and the frequency with which cities and municipalities indemnify police officers reduce the risk of legal sanction police officers assume when they employ excessive force. This reduction in the risk of legal liability diminishes the incentive for police officers to exercise care with respect to when and how they deploy violent force. Although the foregoing factors are not exhaustive of the causes of police violence against African-Americans, they suggest that the problem is structural and transcends the conduct of particular officers engaging in particular acts of violence against particular African-Americans.

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In Southeast Missouri, on July 22, 2016, an approximately 300 lb Dunklin County Sheriff's Deputy body-slammed Javontay Morgan while he had him in a choke-hold. The said deputy continued to lay on top of Mr. Morgan until he went unconscious and began to have a seizure. One Kennett Missouri Police Officer assisted the deputy during the said assault while other officers stood by and watched. In the video, Mr. Morgan was told that he was not under arrest. However, he was arrested for resisting arrest and is still in Jail. Everyone in the video, except Mr. Morgan, is white.

Please call 573 785 4878 if you have any ideas to help protest the violence in the video.

Posted by: Richard Bascom | Aug 25, 2016 1:54:24 PM

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