Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ready. Aim. Fire.

Yesterday, Utah governor Gary Herbert signed into law a bill providing for state executions by firing squad. As AP reports:

Utah lawmakers say they took a pragmatic approach in approving the firing squad as a form of execution if lethal-injection drugs aren't available.


Their thinking: Develop a backup plan in case a nationwide lethal-drug shortage persists.


But critics say bringing back the firing squad in Utah - the only state to use the method in the past 40 years - could tarnish the state's image with visitors.

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If a human is going to kill a human he should do so expeditiously. If a state in the name of all its humans is going to kill a human the same rule should apply. There seems to be this allusion that we are really not killing a human when the state does it. We have a doctor or some doctor look alike inject the human with drugs and he drifts off to death. The rifle or several rifles is a more human and a more stand up way to kill a human. But the state should require the Governor to be the lead shooter of the firing squad. The Governor has the power to pardon the person he should have the obligation to kill the person. The right to pardon should extend right up to the second that the Governor has to pull the trigger.

Posted by: Liberty1st | Apr 7, 2015 6:17:37 PM

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