Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Inmate claims he was forced to remove tooth with pliers"

Yup.  Unknown

For whatever reason I couldn't embed the must-see video that accompanies the article, so make sure to check that out. Here's how the article begins:

A civil rights lawsuit claims an inmate at the Logan County Detention Center was given a pair of pliers to remove a bad, painful tooth after being repeatedly denied dental care.


In the lawsuit, inmate Mark Traxler, 47, claims a jail employee and a nurse "approached him with a pair of dirty, rusty pliers and a roll of gauze and told him to go back to his unit and have some of the 'fellas' help him with a tooth extraction."


The suit goes on to say Traxler was held down by several inmates, including one known as "Big Jake," but that the extraction caused more pain and more damage to Traxler's teeth.

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The suit may be considered toothless by a jury of his peers if any of the jurors have had to have a dentist remove teeth. I personally would rather have an inmate do it than a dentist.

Posted by: Liberty1st | Feb 20, 2015 8:43:35 PM

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